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General purpose acrylic markings for your next project.

Our UV printed acrylic markings are a great way to mark your work. The process of laser cutting and UV printing gives you full design freedom.

UV resistance for outdoor environments

A top acrylic layer blocks UV rays which can otherwise cause yellowing and brittleness. This means our markings just as suitable for outdoor use as for indoor.

Full color printing for design freedom

UV printing gives you the whole color spectrum to work with, and laser cutting means no shape limitations.

Strong adhesives for a rock-solid bond

We use powerful adhesives from Orafol®. This ensures the strongest bond, even in the toughest of environments.
An easily removable protective sheet protects the acrylic from scratches during handling.
Crystal clear laser cut acrylic provides structure and protects the print below the surface. It also gives the marking's edge a crystal-like sheen.
UV printing directly onto the acrylic provides vibrant colors and extremely sharp detail.
A strong adhesive applied behind the print absorbs surface roughness and long-lasting bond.
An easily removable protective film behind the adhesive provides convenient mounting.

Sturdy, yet beautiful small signage

Our acrylic markings are laser cut with the highest precision. The polished edge refracts the light to give your markings a crystal-like appearance.

Electrical markings

Correctly labeled fuses, circuit breakers, electrical panels, and other electrical components to facilitate both the daily use and the maintenance of your electrical system.
By making clear and informative signs, you can quickly and safely identify specific circuits or components, which not only increases the safety of your home or workplace, but also saves time and reduces the risk of incorrect use or overload.
This can be particularly important in emergency situations, when you need to quickly cut power to a certain part of your electrical system. It is therefore recommended to follow clear labeling standards and ensure that the information is easy to read and understandable for anyone who needs to handle the electrical system.

Automation markings

Clear and detailed labels on all components and units involved in the installation process.
By using our specially designed labels, you can effectively and accurately identify and code both small and large components within your automation facility. This detailed labeling not only facilitates day-to-day operations by making it easy to locate and monitor specific parts of the system, but it also plays a crucial role in the maintenance process and troubleshooting.
With our labeling solutions, you can ensure your industrial automation installation runs smoothly and efficiently, while reducing the risk of interruption and errors that could affect the productivity and profitability of your operation.

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Conveniently deliverered on sheets

Our markings come delivered on a convenient sheet where all the individual markings are attached. No need to hunt for that one marking in a bag of a thousand.

HVAC markings

Accurate and clear labeling of all ventilation ducts, fans, cooling pipes, AC units, monitoring systems, and other similar components.
Help staff and maintenance teams quickly and efficiently locate and identify specific system components, which is particularly valuable during routine maintenance, repairs, or troubleshooting.
A well-thought-out labeling strategy contributes to increased energy efficiency and optimization of the facility's operation, as it facilitates the monitoring, control, and maintenance of ventilation, cooling, and AC units. By knowing exactly where each component goes and what its function is, unnecessary energy consumption can be minimized and a healthy and comfortable indoor environment can be maintained. Altogether, proper labeling plays a central role in ensuring that all these systems function efficiently and reliably, which in turn contributes to a safe, comfortable, and productive work or living environment.

Real estate markings

To ensure both order and accessibility within properties, invest in professional labeling of mailboxes, apartment numbers, and doors.
When mailboxes are clearly labeled, it makes mail handling easier and more efficient, reducing the risk of incorrect mail deliveries and missed packages. In addition, it makes it more convenient for residents to quickly and easily find their own mail.
Apartment numbers that are clearly labeled are also crucial for proper addressing and navigation within the property, be it visitors, couriers, or emergency services. Clear labeling of doors, especially in the case of commercial properties or multi-family houses, gives a confident impression to visitors, customers, and suppliers.

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Durable Decals

A sustainable choice.

As we're based in northern Scandinavia, nature is very close to our us. So we do what we can to protect it. Find out more here.
You can optionally specify the use of 100% recycled acrylic. Recycling acrylic reduces the amount of new plastics in circulation.
We only use Roland's ECO-UV inks for our UV printing process.
We use adhesives from Orafol, a manufacturer certified with the environmental management system ISO 14001.