Professional Laser Cutting

Razor-accurate cutting of plastic and wood for your next project.

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Harness the power of the laser for the most intricate cuts.

CO2 laser cutting is a non-contact way of cutting organic materials such as plastic and wood. This results in a accurate and beautiful cut edge.

Only the best is good enough.

Our Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutter and engraver is an industry-leading Austrian work horse with unbeatable reliability. It utilizes a ceramic laser source for the very best cutting and engraving quality.

Flexible processing

In addition to the Trotec's working area of 1000 × 600 mm, we also have auxillary laser material processing capabilities up to 1200 × 900mm.

Very good service and high quality products as always!

Christoffer Sirén
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Laser cutting

Cut wood with the highest precision

Almost any type of wood can be laser cut. As the wood is essentially evaporated by the laser beam, it leaves behind a sharp, golden edge.

Cutting of thin materials

Due to the non-contact nature of laser cutting, there is no need to secure the materials. This lets us process the most delicate of veneers and films.

Small & large - we'll cut it

It does not matter whether your product is tiny or large, if it's a one-off or a full production run - we're here to help out.

Laser cut plastics with a polished edge

Plastics, and especially acrylics, are uniquely suitable for CO2 laser cutting, since we are cutting with pure heat. This means a highly polished edge. We are capable of cutting a wide selection of materials - just ask!

"We were really pleased with the quality of the acrylic and the cut."

Delia Dumitrescu
Borås University, Sweden

Finished products with heat bending

In addition to cutting, we also provide heat bending of plastics to offer you a finished three-dimensional product straight out of the gate.

Get a polished edge for free

There are two secret incredients for making something that truly shines, and we're not afraid to reveal it. It's one part laser cutting with one part acrylic. Cut acrylic has a polished edge directly out of the machine.

High-end materials and results

Combine laser cutting with other processing, such as laser engraving, heat bending and UV printing for show-room ready parts.

Create unique projects

It doesn't matter whether you represent heavy industry or if you're an artist - we work with anyone for you to be able to realize your projects.