UV Printing

Our sharp and durable UV printing lets you print to almost any surface.

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Japanese quality UV printing

Our Roland LEC-330S flatbed UV printer makes any print job a breeze.

Expansive and smart printing bed

A working area of 762 × 1500 mm combined with a maximum print height of 200 mm lets us print on a wide array of media. The table also has a vacuum which allows for printing on thin, flexible, materials.

Ultra-high resolution

With up to 1440 DPI (dots per inch) printing resolution, we can print the very smallest of details.

Fast, friendly and flexible service!

Fanny Ehrnsten
Tassig Design

Create beautiful custom products with UV printing

With a wide material selection and the whole color spectrum available to you, the only limit is your imagination.
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Print directly on wood

Achieve a beautiful, natural look by having your designs printed straight onto the surface of various types of wood.

Create unique products

With the flexibility of UV printing, you can create truly unique products by being able to print your design on almost any material.

Custom awards and trophies

Create top-notch awards that stand out and give that special flair to your organisation.

Print directly on plastic

Print on almost any type of plastic. Make fully custom designs using print & cut, or print directly on pre-made products.

Backlightable prints

Printing can also be selectively translucent to accurately control where light can shine through.

UV printing for heavy industry

Extremely durable prints can be achieved by printing on the back of transparent industrial materials.

Print directly on metal

Whenever you're looking for a print that's rigid in of itself, look no further. We can print directly on metal and metal / plastic composites.

ECO-UV inks

As we're based in northern Scandinavia, nature is very close to our us. So we do what we can to protect it. Find out more here.
We only use Roland's ECO-UV inks for our UV printing process.