Fully Customizable Sturdy Signs

Signage anyway you want it, that's the way you need it.

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Invite, explain and inform with our general-purpose signage.

Our sturdy signage is a great way to give your customers a warm welcome, warn visitors about a hazardous factory area or just to make sure everything is well explained.

UV resistance for outdoor environments

We use ECO-UV® inks which have industry-leading outdoor durability. Our signs are just as suitable for outdoor use as for indoor.

Extra rigid materials for durability

Our signs are made using aluminium composite, a sandwich structure to provide extra rigidity and prevents bends or breaks.

Easily processed for mounting

The aluminium composite used is easily drilled and cut, making it easy to mount the signs wherever they need to be.
The direct-to-surface UV printing creates a strong bond with the painted aluminium below.
The laminate's painted aluminium layer ensures a rigid sandwich structure.
A structural polyethylene core provides thickness and extra rigidity to the laminate.
The laminate's painted aluminium layer ensures a rigid sandwich structure.
Companies who use our products & services

"If you want a sexy sign, these guys are the ones to do it! Look at that! That's beautiful."

David L. Jones
EEVBlog, Australia
Shop sign

Information-dense signage

Combine images, texts, and visual hilights to create rich informative signage. Our high resolution UV printing process makes sure you can fit in the smallest of details.

Outdoor signage to withstand the elements

Our signage can easily be mounted to walls or poles to stand proudly outside. Both the print and the sign material is UV resistant, so you can be sure it will last for a long time.

Fully customizable decorative signage

Looking for something a little more fancy? Look no further. We've got a large selection of special acrylics and materials which can be combined to create anything you envision.

Helpful, solution oriented

Pekka Laurila

A sustainable choice.

As we're based in northern Scandinavia, nature is very close to our us. So we do what we can to protect it. Find out more here.
We only use Roland's ECO-UV inks for our UV printing process.