Laser Engraving

Get highly accurate engravings on almost any material with our leading machinery.

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Laser engraving of the highest accuracy.

By using heat to affect the surface of the material, you can achieve a natural-looking and high-end finish on wood, plastic and metal.

Only the best is good enough.

Our Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutter and engraver is an industry-leading Austrian work horse with unbeatable reliability. It utilizes a ceramic laser source for the very best cutting and engraving quality.

Flexible processing

In addition to the Trotec's working area of 1000 × 600 mm, we also have auxillary laser material processing capabilities up to 1200 × 900mm.

Laser engraving of various types of wood

Laser engraving a wooden surface is a sure-fire way to achieve a natural look. The laser beam burns the surface in a controlled way to create a three dimensional relief.

Create unique laser engraved products

Add patterns, logos and unique designs to your material of choice to make your products truly unique and attention-grabbing.

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Laser engraving of various plastics

By engraving plastics such as acrylic you can achieve subtle light refractions and patterns on the surface of opaque and transparent materials.

Industrial laser engraving applications

Laser engraving is also applicable to industrial areas such as markings, signs and large control panels.
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