Permanent Metal Markings

Give your products a sturdy marking, perfect for industries with the highest requirements.

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Make your mark permanent using our metal markings.

It's hard to beat stainless steel in terms of long-term durability. Take a look at our metal markings, annealed with our state of the art fiber laser.
A permanent mark
By using a fiber laser to anneal the surface of the metal, its molecular properties are changed to leave behind a permanent mark.
Fully customisable shape for any use
We use laser cutting to shape the markings, which means they can fit any application - be it control panels, wire markings or more.
Color marking available
We use MOPA technology to adjust the frequency of the laser beam. This means we can adjust how the annealing process affects the material and lets us create a wide range of colors.
The surface of the metal is annealed using state of the art fiber laser technology.
The marking itself is made out laser cut stainless steel. We can also provide acid-proof stainless steel for certain applications.

So darn nice in every way!

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Metal markings for any application

No matter what it is you are looking to mark, we'll make it happen. Be it wires, hydraulic hoses, machines or control panels.

Flexible order quantities - large or small

We work with projects of all sizes, no matter what stage your business is in. From small prototype batches and small-scale production all the way up to high quantities.

Full color marking

By utilizing the latest in MOPA technology, we can even offer color marking - directly on the surface of the metal.

Large metal panels? No problem.

Metal markings do not have to be small. By utilizing thicker material, we can make panels up to a meter in length or beyond.