Laser Engraved Industrial Markings

A classic and durable marking method.

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Engraved markings for industry, HVAC, electrical and more.

Our engraved markings are well-proven way to mark your work. With our high precision laser engraving, we ensure your next project looks sharp.

UV resistance for outdoor environments

We offer UV resistant laminates that prevents yellowing and brittleness. These markings are just as suitable for outdoor use as for indoor.

A huge color selection to choose from

Choose from a wide selection of color combinations to make sure your markings stand out.

Strong adhesives for a rock-solid bond

We use powerful adhesives from Orafol®. This ensures the strongest bond, even in the toughest of environments.
A thin, yet durable, top surface is laser engraved to expose the color of the structural core below.
The structural ABS core ensure a long-lasting sign.
A strong adhesive applied behind the print absorbs surface roughness and long-lasting bond.
An easily removable protective film behind the adhesive provides convenient mounting.

Automation Markings

Labeling of complex automation installations is a fundamental component to ensure efficient operation, maintenance, and safety, as well as to ensure smooth and well-functioning automation.
Our labels enable precise and correct identification of everything from small components such as PLC outputs to large and advanced system elements.

Fast and excellent service. Products delivered according to our specs.

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Electrical Markings

It's important to clearly and correctly label fuses, circuit breakers, electrical cabinets, and other electrical components to facilitate both the daily use and maintenance of your electrical system.
By creating clear and informative signs, you can quickly and securely identify specific circuits or components, which not only increases the safety in your home or workplace but also saves time and reduces the risk of incorrect use or overloading. This can be particularly important in emergency situations, when you need to quickly be able to cut the power to a certain part of your electrical system. Clear labelling standards and ensure that information is easy to read and understandable for anyone who needs to handle the electrical system.

A sustainable choice.

As we're based in northern Scandinavia, nature is very close to our us. So we do what we can to protect it. Find out more here.
You can choose to use Rowmark® REACH compliant engraving laminates.
We use adhesives from Orafol, a manufacturer certified with the environmental management system ISO 14001.