Northern Scandinavia is a place where nature is close.

We believe it's essential to ensure that our commitments to social sustainability permeate our entire operation.
It's part of our responsibility to monitor and follow up on working conditions throughout our production chain to guarantee they comply with agreements and international human rights guidelines. By ensuring good working conditions and a safe working environment, we aim to create a positive and healthy working climate for everyone involved in our operation.
Furthermore, we set ambitious goals for our product development to increase our focus on sustainability aspects and improve our understanding of complex sustainability issues. By investing in innovation and education in the field of sustainability, we aim to reduce our environmental impact in the long term. A concrete example is our transition to electric vehicles, where 2022 marked a milestone with the purchase of our first electric car for the company. This is part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and our objective to gradually convert our vehicle fleet to become completely fossil-free. By integrating social and environmental sustainability into our business strategy, we are taking steps towards becoming a more responsible and sustainable organization.
We only use Roland's ECO-UV inks for our UV printing process.
We use adhesives from Orafol, a manufacturer certified with the environmental management system ISO 14001.
You can optionally specify the use of 100% recycled acrylic. Recycling acrylic reduces the amount of new plastics in circulation.
You can choose to use Rowmark® REACH compliant engraving laminates.