Laser Marking

Get ultra-detailed markings on metal and plastics using the latest in MOPA fiber laser technology.

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Highly detailed laser marking on any metal surface.

Laser marking uses a mirror-guided laser beam to directly permanently anneal the material surface.

Bigger is always better.

Our Italian beast - the Laserevo Laser Marking System blasts past traditional laser marking limits with a flexible marking area of 1000 × 600 mm.
Powerful and colorful
The MOPA fiber source of 60 watts lets us do deep engravings, and even markings in full color.
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Mark stainless steel, aluminium, brass and more

Laser marking allows for efficient surface marking of almost any type of metal.

Mark almost any plastics

Plastics can also be marked for various applications. Get highly precise text and icons on your switchgear, buttons and other components. Backlightable details can even be achieved with painted surfaces.

Extreme detail, even close up

Micrometer-level details are now a possibility using the tremendous accuracy of our laser marking process.

Fast and excellent service. Products delivered according to our specs.

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Walberg Media

Full color marking

By utilizing the latest in MOPA technology, we can even offer color marking - directly on the surface of the metal.

Laser marking for any application

It doesn't matter which particular part you are looking to mark, be it large or small, consumer goods or aerospace-grade, we'll help you get it done.

Full color marking on stainless steel

By varying the frequency and pulse-width of the laser beam, the surface of stainless steel can be manipulated to get a full range of colors.